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Wizebu is a search & match


Optimization engine in the design products


& services industry



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About Us

The design products and services industry is a

491 Billion dollar market,

Burdened by profound digital information inefficiencies. Searching for designer, design service provider,will not necessarily lead to the designer or the service provider, but rather to articles, private individuals, or other…

The design industry relies heavily on visual results that can be associated with the relevant designer. Conversions happen when customers see what they want, and know who to buy it from.

However, most designers platform today lack either visual information about the product or service, or a direct link to the designer.

Users that are actively looking for designers’ offerings, 

have no way of cutting through the online clutter to reach them

what is


wizebu is a visual search & match engine in the design products


& services industry 


that connects designers and customers in the shortest and most accurate way. 


Combines computer vision, deep learning, image 


recognition, data mining & matching technologies to 


match the user +personalized +designer.

“Instagram and 


Pinterest are filled with 


images, but so often the 


context of the image is 


lost even if the image 


does actually live forever”


On the designers’ end, connection with relevant customers depends on maintaining a significant digital presence and investing substantial marketing resources across different platforms and channels. . Although consumers are actively looking for independent designers’ offerings, they have no way of cutting through the online clutter to reach them. The bottom line is that designers can’t get the exposure and traction they need.


On the consumer side, the potential to discover desired goods and connect with relevant designers is significantly limited by textual search interfaces for visual centric commodities; the disconnect between search results and related design service providers; and the fragmented nature of the design ecosystem across a long tail of websites, platforms, landing pages and mentions.

On WIZEBU users can:

  • Browse designs in any vertical (Home, Wear, Accessories, Life Moments) by visual, topics, tags, geo- or location-based search

  • Find more—and new—designers based on the user’s unique personal taste and design preferences

  • Use tags to focus search results and limit irrelevant noise for a faster, more efficient search

  • Connect with designers  in one click directly from the visual results

  • Create and curate personal, actionable wish list, where every object or design idea is directly linked to the relevant designer

Yellow Backpack

Fashion, Architects, Makeup Artists, 


Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, Children, 


Wedding, Event Design, Furniture, 


Home, Interior Designers…

Designer Matcher
Saleswoman in Boutique Store


 will be able to find & locate 


the designs they’re looking for.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

THE The Human Design

Ela Bardichev

 co-founder & CEO. Co-founder of Meckela, a bag & accessories brand sold offline and online in leading stores worldwide. Head of sales, marketing and operations.

Ofir Bardichev

co-founder, VP Marketing & Design. Co-founder of Meckela , a bag & accessories brand sold offline and online in leading stores worldwide, head of product and design.

Daniel Neder

 co-founder, CTO. Over 14 years of extensive experience in the hi-tech industry. Ex. VP Engineering of Spoton Therapeutics, ex. CTO of Champion Capital Group and Hub Eilat 

Amir Lev,

 mentor. Co-founder, CTO & President of Commtouch Software LTD [currently Cyren (NASDAQ: CYRN)].


Ein Vered, Israel


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